Your Adventure Within Awaits ... 

As a Health & Wellness Coach and a Reiki Practitioner my aim is to create a sustainable lifestyle for my clients. I am simply the “middle person” that is here to show you that YOU have all the answers, it’s about connecting with your higher self and becoming the person you always wished you can be, connecting with nature, your gifts and your healing tools. I’m simply here to guide you in this beautiful journey we call life. My secret is that I like to incorporate fun and laughter into my practice.


    Currently offering virtual speaking engagements for universities, businesses and events. 

    Speaking engagement for an hour starts at:


    Included: Meditation Exercises, Wellness Activities and a Q&A. 


    Free Consulation included! This is perfect for small groups or individuals. 

    1 hour Coaching Session:


    Please keep social distancing in mind, up to 6 people are able to book this service. Can be done virtually.

    There is no booking confirmation on your behalf until initial deposit is received.



    All Group Retreats are currently postponed due to Covid-19.


    Please stay safe during these unprecedented times. 




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