Sample Itinerary to Yucatán, Mexico

The Mayans believed there were 13 chakra points but prioritized 3 key chakra points (third eye, heart and solar plexus connecting the mind, body and spirit! Spend these 5 days/4 nights re-charging your chakra points with activities.

Day 1: Arrival & Rio Lagartos

Pick up at Cancún Airport

Upon arrival meet with your driver and enjoy a scenic route to your eco-friendly accommodation in Rio Lagartos.

After check in walk to the marina where your boat driver will be waiting for you.

Meet with the boat driver to enjoy your afternoon at a natural reserve in Rio Lagartos. 

  • The reserve protects nearly 60,000 hectares (150,000 acres) of forest,  dunes, and mangroves.

  • Over 43,000 Flamingos have been accounted for along the Yucatan's coast.

  • You might get lucky and see some alligators swimming nearby!

  • Enjoy bird watching, bring binoculars if you're a fan!

  • Enjoy a mud bath at the beach, according to the Mayans this was the trick to their incredible youthful skin! 


Enjoy an afternoon swim in a Cenote before heading back to the marina. 

Yucatán’s cenotes were the main source of fresh water for the ancient Mayans and had a great significance in their religious beliefs.


Evening at leisure  

Depending on your dietary restrictions, I’ll suggest excellent dining options. Rio Lagartos is infamous for their seafood!

Day 2: Mérida

Breakfast on your own. 

Meet your driver and depart to Mérida.

Afternoon at leisure 


  • Learn about the Jipijapa artisanal hats – If you have ever heard of Panama hats, this is exactly that! Initially the handwoven technique traces back to Ecuador and popularized in Central America. Close to Mérida, there is a small town with man-made caves in order to make the Jipijapa hats. The purpose of these caves are for humidity because the jipi fibers are too brittle to weave into hats.

  • Purchase a scared crystal from a local shop and learn about their healing properties (the Mayans used jade and amber for their healing properties and protection).

  • Walking tour of the town center (I’ll highlight the main attractions)

Meet your driver and enjoy a traditional Yucatán cooking class. 

The driver could wait for your or you can enjoy the evening at your leisure. 

Evening suggestion:

Head to La Plaza, where the Cathedral is located, for an evening show. 

Day 3: Uxmal & Playa del Carmen 

Breakfast on your own. 

Meet your driver and depart to Uxmal, before heading to Cancún on an evening flight. 

Upon arriving at Uxmal meet with your English-speaking tour guide (to learn everything there is to know about this historical landmark!)

Fun fact, you can actually go up the steps of these pyramids! Remember to take water with you and wear comfortable shoes.   

Meet your driver and depart to Mérida Airport. 

Upon arrival at Cancún Airport, meet with your driver and head to your secluded beach bungalow in Playa del Carmen. 

Evening at leisure. 

Day 4: Playa del Carmen

Breakfast on your own. 

Meet your driver and visit an Agave Distillery in the outskirts of Valladolid 

This distillery practices techniques passed down from generation to generation dating back to 400 years ago. On this tour you will learn about the production process and visit the agave fields. Of course, what's all this information if you don't have a tasting of the Mayapán! 

Evening at leisure. 

Day 5: Departure 

Enjoy your breakfast & check out, your diver will meet you in the hotel lobby and depart to the airport.

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